How to get the best confetti photos

Throwing confetti at a wedding is a much loved tradition that dates back centuries.

Medieval Italians loved throwing things at each other during processions, carnivals and parades – including sugared almond sweets called ‘confetti’.

At weddings, grain or seeds were often thrown as a symbol of fertility and prosperity.

In Britain, the tradition was to throw grains or rice at the newlyweds, which must have been an uncomfortable way to start the celebrations!

Thankfully, throwing confetti at weddings has evolved.

The first recorded use of paper confetti in this country was in 1895.

It has been a popular part of our wedding culture ever since.

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What type of confetti to choose

Nowadays, there’s all manner of confetti available, from sequins to real flower petal confetti.

The latter is becoming ever-more popular thanks to its varied palette of petal colours and the fact that it is biodegradable.

If you would like to add a little scent to your confetti to make it extra special, you can include lavender in the mix.

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The best place to throw confetti at weddings

There are two sides to this story. The first is guided by your wedding venue.

Ask your coordinator where you can and can’t throw confetti on the premises.

You might not be expecting it, but they often have rules on this.

It may be that you aren’t allowed to throw confetti inside the building, but the gardens are fine.

You may also only be allowed to throw confetti if it is biodegradable.

A quick check with your wedding coordinator will ensure that you invest in the best type of confetti for your wedding and you know where you can use it.

Secondly, speak to your wedding photographer.

They will have the knowledge of the venue/experience of knowing where the best places are for your confetti photos.

Your wedding photographer will be looking for an area where your guests can gather, ideally with a pretty backdrop, where there is plenty of natural light.

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How to create the best confetti photos

One of the single most important things to do when planning the perfect confetti shots is to buy lots of it.

This mean that your pictures will have enough to be seen and to make a big impact.

It also helps to brief your guest in advance.

Throwing confetti at weddings is done best by throwing the petals upwards, rather than directly at the couple (however tempting it might be!)

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Decorative confetti cones can help make this easier to manage if your budget allows.

If you want to go all out, confetti canons are a must!

When it’s time for you to walk the ‘confetti run’, enjoy the moment!

It’s a fun time for both you and your guests, as they are able to celebrate you saying ‘I do’.

Grab your loved one’s hand, smile your biggest smile and enjoy the celebrations!

Afterwards, be prepared to be digging confetti out of the front of your dress, removing it from your hair and extracting it from all sorts of places afterwards.

It really does get EVERYWHERE!

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How you can make your confetti photos unique

Easily some of the most emotional and romantic wedding photographs are confetti photos.

Those special moments that I love the most as a documentary wedding photographer are captured straight after the ceremony, as the newlyweds walk out to their audience as the confetti showers down.

These confetti photographs radiate love and happiness.

In a light-filled, natural setting, they will easily become some of your favourite pictures from your wedding day.

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Throwing confetti at weddings is a truly wonderful thing for a documentary wedding photographer to capture.

It’s romantic, whimsical, fun and full or emotion, while also being a great way to capture a group photograph of all of your guests.

Above all, the throwing of confetti marks the start of the wedding celebrations.

It’s the moment your guests can get excited, cheer, wave and share your joy at getting married.

It’s a beautiful moment for all!

I hope that this guide to throwing confetti at weddings has given you plenty of inspiration for your own big day.

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If you are starting to plan your special day and are looking for a wedding photographer, please feel free to get in touch.

I would love to hear about your wedding day plans.