Why I love the confetti chaos

As a documentary wedding photographer, the confetti run is one of my favorite parts of the day.

It has the potential for great wedding pictures, with emotions running high, lots of expression and plenty of action.

When those tiny paper petals are thrown at the couple by their guests at all angles, you (and they) need to be prepared for anything, as anything can happen…

Hiring a professional wedding photographer for your wedding is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Photography is so important; not only does it document history but it keeps us in touch with the past. It gives us the means to remember those that we have lost and it also enables us to share our lives with the next generation.

Weddings are full of story telling potential. As the couple’s nearest and dearest gather together to share in this celebratory event, it’s a joyous occasion which is full of emotion.

Weddings make good photography but a wedding photographer does more than just document the day. Great wedding photography records the story of the event, combining technical skill with the social skills needed to put the guests at ease and to capture genuine moments.

When I photographed Simon and Kiersty’s wedding at the beginning of this month at Trevenna in St Neot, Cornwall, their confetti run had it all.

The enjoyment, an element of surprise and some discomfort!

It started off like many confetti runs I have photographed before, with Kiersty and Simon very much enjoying the moment and plenty of confetti being thrown around… until poor Simon ended up with a piece of it getting stuck in his eye, ouch!

Just when I thought the action was over, Kiersty pulled a piece of confetti from her mouth. Proof that it really does get everywhere.

So without further ado, here’s 10 of my favourite wedding photographs from their confetti run to highlight why I love the natural moments that documentary wedding photography brings…

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If you are getting married at Trevenna Barns this year and are looking for a local wedding photographer who has a documentary style, I still have some key summer dates available. Please feel free to contact me to check availability.

Alternatively, my diary is now open for 2020/21. I shall look forward to hearing from you.