Your Essential ‘One Week To Go’ Guide

Your big day is nearly here and there are just a few things left to finalise, but do you know what they are?

After days, months and even years of planning the wedding of your dreams, it’s now just a week away… Eeek!

Although you’ve pretty much done everything there is to do in your wedding planning journey, there are just a few last minute wedding tasks to complete the week before your wedding and here they are…

Final payments to your venue and suppliers

There is nothing worse than having final payments looming over your head, so the week of the wedding is the perfect time to make sure any final installments have been made to your suppliers, wedding venue, caterers and anyone else who might still need paying.

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Finalise your vows or speech

Couples who are writing their vows should be finalising their romantic words in the final week. This is when your emotions will be running high, making it the ideal time to write down your thoughts straight from the heart.

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Pick up your dress

You’ve chosen it, had it altered and loved it for many, many months; now is the time to pick up the wedding dress of your dreams. This is the point when it’s all going to feel very real… Cue the wedding ‘final week’ panic!

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Break in your wedding shoes

Those designer wedding heels that look gorgeous won’t feel so gorgeous unless you break them in. When your hubby-to-be is out picking up the wedding suits or running his share of the wedding errands, slip them on for a few hours in the lead up to the wedding so they won’t feel so uncomfortable on the day.

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Have a final chat with your Cornish wedding photographer

Keeping in contact with your wedding photographer in Cornwall is always helpful and close to the wedding day, it’s always best to have a final chat with them to re-confirm what was discussed during your pre-wedding consultation a few weeks ago.

Brief people on their wedding day duties

Bridesmaids, ushers, the mother of the bride, all of these people may have special duties assigned to them to carry out on the day; whether it’s helping to decorate the venue or making a speech, be sure to brief all those involved on exactly what they have to do, so that no-one  is unsure of their duties and nothing is forgotten.

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Plan a surprise for your other half

If you’re feeling super romantic in the lead up to your special day, use the week before your wedding to arrange a surprise for your other half on the wedding day. It could be something extravagant like an engraved watch, or perhaps a special poem that you have written, telling them just how much marrying them means to you – whatever it is, they will just love it.

Beauty treatments

If you are having any extra beauty treatments like a manicure or pedicure, the week of the wedding is the time to have them done. For treatments such as eyelash extensions and hair extensions, it’s best to get these done at the beginning of the week to give yourself plenty of time to adjust to your newest addition. Enjoy this pamper time!

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Last minute personal touches

Whether it’s a DIY detail or an added decoration, personalising your wedding day is something that every couple will enjoy doing. After months and even years of planning the key elements of your special day, you can really concentrate on adding your own personal touches at the last minute.

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Pack your wedding day emergency kit

Every bride (and groom) needs a wedding day emergency kit and the closer to the wedding that you put them together, the better.

Spend time together

Wedding stress can sometimes take over and when it does, it’s always important to remember why you’re getting married in the first place. Make sure that you make space to spend some quality time with your other half before the wedding; whether it’s a romantic date night or even a night away somewhere, it’s really important to do it if you can.

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And relax!

The last thing you want to be just before your special day is stressed out. Make sure you get plenty of sleep and keep calm… Your wedding is going to be absolutely perfect!

Are you engaged and reading these guides as inspiration to help you plan your wedding? Are you looking for a Cornish wedding photographer to capture your special day in either Devon or Cornwall? If so, please feel free to drop me a line. I would love to discuss your plans for your wedding day!