“A moment in time that can not be recaptured. I guess that’s why I love it so much. Memories are important”.

Not a famous quote about photography I’m afraid, it’s actually one of mine! But I think it sums up wedding photography ‘moments’ pretty well.

Moments can be anticipated with key events of the day in mind, but it’s all about being ready to capture those moments in between that are just as important.

If you’re getting married and would like to see a collection of some of my favourite images from some recent weddings in Cornwall, then please head over to my gallery.

Here are a few special moments from Nicky & Steve’s wedding in June…

Nicky’s son going in for a kiss with the Flower Girl!


“Now you look after my Granddaughter or there will be trouble!!”


This image of Nicky as she bends down to her son and he blows a raspberry are a particular favourite of mine…


These moments were captured in between scheduled events of the day and contributed to documenting one of the most memorable days of Nicky & Steve’s lives…