A Coastal Wedding In North Cornwall

At the end of September I had the pleasure of photographing Rebeca and Harry’s pretty church wedding in Morwenstow, which is a small village 7 miles north of Bude on the Atlantic coast of Cornwall.

The couple had travelled from Farnham in Surrey to Cornwall to tie the knot in the church of St Morwenna and St John the Baptiste with their family and friends in attendance.

The parish church is a beautiful building and is situated on the edge of the tall cliffs that border this most northerly of all the parishes in Cornwall.

Rebeca wore a beautiful three quarter length sleeved lace wedding dress, with a sweetheart neckline, a veil with lace detailing and pink heels.

Her wedding flowers consisted of a bouquet of roses, Garden Dahlia, Hyacinth and Pampas Grass (to name just a few), which were carefully put together by florist Bleujen.

Rebeca’s bridesmaids all wore long, pale pink chiffon dresses of different designs and as an alternative to a bouquet, wore wrist corsages to match the bride’s arrangement.

Harry looked smart in a blue three piece suit, a white shirt, pale pink tie and brown shoes.

After the ceremony all of the guests headed to the wedding reception for drinks and canapes in the warm sunshine, before being seated later on for a platter style buffet.

During dinner, each table were asked to write a love poem for the bride and groom and were given important details to include (such as how the couple met).

After the buffet, a spokesperson for each table were brought forward to recite their love poem to Harry and Rebeca for judging, with the winning table performing their poem in the form of a rap!

Harry and Rebeca also took part in their very own version of the popular game show ‘Mr & Mrs’, where they sat back to back and answered questions relating to their relationship by holding up a prop (which in this case was one of their shoes!)

Both the love poem and the ‘Mr & Mrs’ game added a little something extra to the reception and was so much fun to watch and photograph!

Rebeca and Harry’s couple time shoot was taken in two parts, with a session shortly after the ceremony within the grounds of the church rectory and on top of the cliffs, where the couple enjoyed  breathtaking views across the Atlantic.

We also took some time to head down to Duckpool Bay/Beach after the speeches to enjoy the final few minutes of golden hour, before the sun set.

Duckpool is a remote, rugged beach owned by the National Trust with rock pools and is overlooked by cliffs.

In the evening Rebeca had a change of attire and everyone danced as Sons In The Wild played, who are a new Mumford flavoured wedding band.

Here’s some highlights from their beautiful day…

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If you are getting married in 2019 and haven’t found your wedding photographer for your Devon or Cornwall wedding, please get in touch to check availability. I would love to talk to you about your wedding day plans 🙂